Jacqueline Gautier


January 14, 2016
Submission for “Something’s Gotta Give” Eating Disorders Campaign

It is an honor to collect my thoughts and write a response to this very good question, “If we’re really going to get to the other side of eating disorders, something’s gotta give.....What IS IT?” It occurred to me that over the past 20 years dedicated towards counselling those afflicted with this illness, along with my own personal journey, I have been seeking an answer to this question.
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January 26, 2010
The Labyrinth
The labyrinth is a universal prayer and meditation tool found in many spiritual and cultural traditions worldwide.  It has been in existence for over 4,000 years.  It is an archetypal "Mandala" symbol which represents unity and wholeness.  The Sanskrit word "Mandala" is derived from India and means 'sacred circle', a divinely imprinted symbol for reflection.

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September 01, 2008
Body Image and Self-Esteem: Real Beauty is Inner Work
Simply defined, body image is the way we see and think about our physical appearance and how we feel in our bodies.  While the definition sounds simple enough, it is a complex and completely subjective experience.  The complexity lies in our perception of our body weight, size and shape as opposed to the actual weight, size and shape.  There is a direct link between body image and self-esteemSelf-esteem relates to the global attitudes we have about ourselves, such as interests, opinions, talents, skills, resources, confidence and abilities.
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January 01, 2001
International Conference on Business and Consciousness
In December, 2000 I had the wonderful opportunity of being a presenter at Sixth International Conference on Business and Consciousness in Acapulco, Mexico. Several friends and Colleagues had attended in previous years, returning energized the literally brimming with provocative and innovative ideas into the wealth of human potential and applying that genius to create companies and organizations that inspire rather that expire people. I was equally affected by this experience.
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March 01, 2000
The world community catapulted into the third millennium filled with contradictions. In spite of revolutionary advances in technology and availability of consumer goods at unprecedented scales, 800 million people to go bed hungry each night. In our wealthiest nations we are experiencing escalating unemployment, violence, drug abuse, social alienation, crime and a widening chasm between rich and poor. Despite major advancements in medicine and science, we see the breaking down of families and communities and the extinction of centuries-old languages, cultures and traditions.
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December 01, 1999
Jacqueline Gautier
Jacqueline Gautier says her business snuck up on her.
Trained in commerce, Gautier spent 10 years as a senior executive in the potash industry. As part of that life, she traveled some 200 days per year and handled the financial operations for nine overseas offices with an annual budget of over $13 million.
On the outside, she seemed to have it all. But on the inside, Gautier says she was suffering an "emotional and creative death", which eventually culminated in problems with her immune system and a health scare when she found a lump in her breast.
While on medical leave, Gautier says she embarked on a creative recovery program -- where she began to realize her life was seriously out of balance.
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December 01, 1998
Engaging Our Creativity
We have come to believe that the modern-day currency of the business world is money. While money is a unit of exchange for goods and services rendered, in truth, the "real" currency we are dealing with is intellectual capital or ideas is much larger than data bytes and technological information. At the heart of these ideas lies the creative spirit not just available to an elite group or "think tank", but residing in all of us. In order to access our most creative selves we must first debunk the notion that the "work world" and our "Real life" are two separate entities.
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August 01, 1998
An Adventure in Self-Discovery ™
Often when people hear the word "journaling" they associate it with keeping a diary. This association is deeply rooted historically as far back as tenth century Japan when ladies of the Heian court journaled their reflections of life and love in "pillow books." A millennium later the world continues to be moved by the incredibly earnest and articulate entries made by Anne Frank during the Nazi occupation.
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July 01, 1998
An Ancient Spiritual Resource Rediscovered
The labyrinth is a form of walking meditation. There is something special about walking the paths and turns that allows one to pray and meditate more deeply. It has the effect of clearing and calming the mind, allowing one to be open to insights for their spiritual journey. Most religious traditions contain some form of walking meditation, from the Native American Medicine Wheel to the Buddhist Mindful Walking Meditation, it is a place where you can discover the depths of your soul.
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September 01, 1997
Body and Soul Conference
In April I had the wonderful opportunity of attending the Second Annual Body and Soul Conference co-sponsored by New Age Journal (U.S.) and Hollyhock Holistic Centre (Canada) in Seattle, Washington. Over 1,600 participants gathered from all over the world to learn from a remarkable constellation of leading edge physicians, psychologists, teachers, writers and healers. To guide us into the heart of personal and social healing the international faculty featured such renowned names as Larry Dossey, Jean Houston, Bernie Siegel, Marianne Williamson, Judith Orloff, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, Brian Weiss, Rachel Naomi Remen and numerous others.
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May 01, 1997
A Creative and Healing Process ™
The word Mandala comes from the Sanskrit "sacred circle." Throughout antiquity the circle has represented eternity and the divine. Mandalas have been used for centuries in Native American, Hindu, Buddhist and Medieval Christian spiritual practice as symbols for healing and transformation. They reflect the spiritual content of the psyche for both the maker and viewer.
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